• What is psychotherapy and why might you need it?
    • What is psychotherapy?

      Psychotherapy is the practice of alleviating psychological distress through talking. I work with my clients to try to understand their experiences. I help bring a sense of meaning and possible change to their world. The impetus for change needs to come from my client and involves progress through a series of stages

    • Why psychotherapy?

      Sometimes emotional health needs professional attention and one of the goals of psychotherapy is to bring what’s unconscious into consciousness thereby:

      • relieving symptoms
      • resolving problems
      • coping better
      • modifying familiar patterns of thoughts or behaviours
  • Who is psychotherapy for and does it work?
    • Who is psychotherapy for?

      Psychotherapy is also for people who are experiencing:

      • emotional or relationship problems
      • depression
      • major life-changes
      • loss or bereavement
      • trauma
      • stress or work related stress
    • Does psychotherapy work?

      Research shows that most therapies are useful. I am an integrative psychotherapist. This means that I use both cognitive and analytical techniques. To meet my client’s goals it is crucial that together we develop a trusting professional relationship that will create a secure base for us to work from. I help my client to become motivated, prepared to confront their difficulties and open to allowing change

  • Will it work for you and am I the right psychotherapist for you?
    • Will it work for you?

      I have seen many clients gain benefit from psychotherapy, some after just a few sessions. However, psychotherapy may not be suitable for everyone. During our initial meeting we will discuss your expectations and objectives

    • Am I the right psychotherapist for you?

      The relationship with your therapist is central to the process. I will bring many years experience, psychological knowledge, understanding, a safe environment and a confidential and non-judgemental relationship. You will bring first hand knowledge of your unique experiences and circumstances. We will work together

  • The First Step
    • If you would like to contact me please call me on 07787 517363 or if you would prefer, email We can arrange an initial meeting, telephone or skype session and I will answer any queries you may have and together we will decide whether we can make the commitment to work with each other
  • My background, training and experience
    • My psychotherapy/counselling and supervision trainings

      • Certificate in CBT accredited by British Psychological Society
      • Certificate in the Principles of the Theory and Practice of Supervision, Metanoia Institute, London, accredited by Middlesex University
      • Consultant in EMDR Trauma Counselling, EMDR Workshops, EMDR Europe Association
      • MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, Metanoia Institute, London, accredited by Middlesex University
      • Diploma in Clinical Integrative Psychotherapy, Metanoia Institute, London, accredited by Middlesex University
      • MA Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent’s College, City University, London
      • Certificate of Family Therapy, Kensington Consultation Centre
    • I work to the Code of Ethics and am a member of both the following organisations

      • Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP)
      • Accredited Member of United Kingdom Counsellors and Psychotherapists (UKCP)
    • My Experience

      I have many years experience working with people encountering a wide range of difficulties including:

      • depression, anxiety/panic attacks and phobias
      • relationship difficulties
      • bereavement and major life-changes
      • trauma and abuse
      • feeling that life has no meaning

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  • Contract & Fees
    • Contract

      If we decide to work together we will agree a set time, on a set day each week to meet. If there is a need to rearrange sessions I will try to be flexible about changing appointments but all sessions will be chargeable unless otherwise agreed

    • Fees

      An individual session is £65.00 for 50 minutes
      Concessionary rates are occasionally available


Taking The First Step...

It is very difficult to make the initial contact to a stranger knowing that you need either personal counselling, help or career guidance and coaching. Will you like the counsellor/coach? How do you know they will help? What would it be like to share your personal problems?

It is a risk. However what will it be like if you don’t get help? How will life be if nothing changes? How much longer can you or your loved ones tolerate your feelings of distress?

The initial session face-to-face, on the telephone or on skype is an exploration. It opens the door to possibilities. Suddenly you will have the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen, understand, care and over time, help

CG counselling is focused on people and aims to meet their expectations

Quick Contact

CG Counselling, Psychotherapy and Career Coaching is based in Newbury and Upper Basildon near Pangbourne


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